Wimbledon & Keith Prowse

Personalisation for the invitation

Business challenge

Keith Prowse is the UK’s biggest sporting hospitality company. In 2019, they became the sole provider for hospitality at The Championships, Wimbledon. They reimagined the experience, taking it to a level of luxury not seen anywhere in the UK’s sporting calendar.

To communicate with a target audience of the top 300 decision makers in business, we needed an idea that would make them feel special and give them a taste of what a spectacular day of great food, service and tennis awaits at The Championships 2019.


Our target audience of C-suite customers are time poor, cynical towards marketing and not easily impressed. We needed to communicate the experience was better than ever, so those who had been before would not be put off making a return – in a way that could not be ignored.

The idea

We created 300 individually personalised videos for each of the decision makers housed in a beautifully branded video book. On opening the book, each recipient was personally welcomed to The Championships, 2019. A fast paced, dynamic video followed – giving a flavour of what wonders were in-store with Keith Prowse’s Wimbledon hospitality offering.