Fuelling positive obsession

Business challenge

To create a highly differentiated positioning for startup kombucha brand Fix8 in an increasingly crowded and confused market. Fix8 is a premium handmade kombucha brewed in London. The market is confused with a wide array of brands of varying quality and authenticity. The global kombucha drinks market is growing rapidly and forecast to be worth $5.5 billion by 2025.


There is a lot of confusion around what kombucha really is. To be authentic it must be alive with good bacteria and must be chilled to prevent runaway fermentation. However, with infamous global drinks brands cashing-in on the growing interest for this fascinating drink, many people are being sold nothing more than overly sweet, pasteurised, tamed pop.

The idea

We harnessed the founder’s obsession for real kombucha. We positioned Fix8 as the uncompromisingly authentic ‘booch’ with attitude – a brand that’s purpose is to fuel people’s positive obsessions for the pursuits that nourish mind and body.