The creation of a new kind of energy company

Business challenge

The world’s energy resources are finite. Making the most of the energy we have is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. A challenge taken on by a team of top of experts from technology, science, energy and finance; applying innovative thinking and technology to coal waste and create a new high-performing energy that will transform the market.


Coal is a dirty word with much negative baggage. To create a powerful new brand for this highly ambitious energy company the opportunity needed reframing, fusing the worlds of energy and technology to create something more powerful.

The idea

We created Arq. An ‘entech’ brand shaking up the established energy market for the good of everyone: consumers, providers, investors and the planet.

Before Arq, coal waste was a major environmental problem. Now it’s a massively abundant new source of energy. A high performing 99% pure hydrocarbon.

From positioning, to visual & verbal identity and communications strategy we helped successfully launch to investors and strategic partners.