Mallow & Marsh

Preparation for growth

Business challenge

Mallow & Marsh were a startup, selling sophisticated and delicious flavours of marshmallow. With encouraging initial success, they needed to lay foundations for rapid expansion, and correct the misconception that marshmallows are just for kids. 


People associate marshmallows with the synthetic ‘pink and whites’ of childhood. Mallow & Marsh make theirs with natural ingredients and delicious flavours – you really haven’t tasted marshmallow until you’ve tasted Mallow & Marsh.

The idea

We developed a brand platform to accelerate growth by challenging ‘grown ups’ to reappraise their preconceptions of marshmallow. We created a new identity and redesigned the packaging to create stand-out on the shelf with a clear colour system, appetising photography and ‘The Dude’ – our playful marshmallow character.